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WordPress Cute Gigs

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A simple plugin for musicians to show off their gigs in an elegant way. You can display upcoming and past events in a page or a post, using shortcodes. Upcoming events can also be displayed in a widget. Each gig can have its own poster and links. When the poster thumbnail is clicked, the full-size image is displayed in a Fancybox window (jQuery). Thumbnails size is customizable. Perfect for rock bands.


Inside the archive you will find the WordPress plugin.
Upload it to your plugins folder and activate.

How to Use

Once you activate the plugin, a new menu item Cute Gigs will appear in the WordPress Dashboard, somewhere below Settings.

  1. Go to Cute Gigs – Manage Gigs to create a new event.
  2. To display upcoming gigs, add this shortcode to a page or a post: [cutegigs_upcoming_gigs]
  3. To display past gigs, add this shortcode to a page or a post: [cutegigs_past_gigs]

To activate the widget:

  1. Go to Appearance – Widgets, look for CG Upcoming Gig and add it to an area.
    When upcoming gigs are available, the poster of the nearest event will be automatically displayed.
  2. If you want the visitor to be redirected to another page, when they click on the event poster, enter a URL address in the URL Link field.

Shortcode Arguments

Shortcode arguments are available for displaying past gigs.

Key Default value Description
hide_buttons 0 (show buttons) Hide links under poster?
limit 0 (display all) How many of the past events to display?
offset 0 (don’t skip) How many events to skip? Useful for pagination.


You can set the size of the poster thumbnails, the style of the event container, and the style of the buttons from Cute Gigs – Settings. For advanced CSS styling, do not edit the file cutegigs.css. Instead, edit the CSS file of your current theme.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the Fancybox window appears behind the website menu. To fix this issue:
    • Go to your theme’s CSS file and look for z-index rules that have a value higher than 1100.
    • Change their value to 1099 and save the file.
  • The plugin “Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast” causes Fancybox to misbehave. To fix this issue:
    • Simply replace Yoast’s plugin with another Google Analytics plugin.
  • All versions below 1.2.0 will cause issues in the Dashboard of WordPress 3.5 and above.
  • Upgrading from version 1.0.0 to any newer version will delete all uploaded posters. To prevent this issue:
    • Don’t upgrade yet.
      Copy everything from the folder wp-content\plugins\bizarski-cute-gigs\posters.
    • Create a new folder “posters” in the wp-content\uploads folder.
    • Paste the files in the newly created folder.
    • You can now safely upgrade to a new version.

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November 12th, 2012 at 10:32 am

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